Can you power a Hikaru from a Capcom I/O?

Started by panzeroceania, May 24, 2011, 10:30:27 AM

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Can you power a Hikaru Motherboard from a Capcom I/O with Jamma power supply?

I currently live in the United States, and have a Hikaru Board plugged into a Capcom I/O, which is plugged into a Vega Jr. Supergun, which is plugged into my US Powered wall socket.

The video and audio are run straight from the Hikaru into my TV

I noticed that it ran my Naomi 1 just fine, but when I tried the Hikaru, I could hear it power on, and the fan kick in, but I wasn't getting a picture?

is it possible I have it on a video mode other than 31khz?

I know with my Naomi 1 board the dip switch was to 15khz RGB so I had to switch that, but where is the DIP switch on the Hikaru?

Any help would be appreciated.

Even if it was the picture that was off, I should still be able to hear the game power on if I have the audio plugged in right?


Hikaru is 24 KHz only. I've never seen a TV that supports that. You'll need a monitor capable of that resolution.


I'm pretty sure the Hikaru also supports 31khz but someone on another forum pointed out that it needs a more powerful JVS power supply, not just a standard JAMMA one.


Hey, you're right. It does support 31Khz aswell, my bad.

That's fairly weird, to support both 24 and 31 Khz, wonder how they solved that with the games... Ah, wait a little, seems like it does 24 Khz if it is a multiple monitor setup and 31 Khz if it's a single monitor.

Maybe you're correct. Can you not try a stronger PSU then? An PC ATX PSU should power it without breaking a sweat. Unless it's a very weak PSU.


I'd love to, where can I get the parts to make a power cable?


Necrobump, but Hikaru uses JVS standard, so just get a JVS power supply, same as with a Naomi. No need to hack an ATX power supply.