Gamecube NTSC Component wiring question

Started by Arasoi, May 16, 2011, 01:09:52 PM

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I have a question about the wiring on the Gamecube component cable. I have already read the following:[]=gamecube

I have a Gamecube with digital A/V out port, and gamecube component video cable. What I would like to do is change the output mode from component to RGB via the method described in the article, but I would like to leave the RCA jacks alone and use composite video for sync from the regular A/V port to get 15khz RGBs. I understand I will not be able to use progressive 480p mode this way due to lack of the H/V sync outputs, but  I do not require it.

My question is, do the red green and blue rca jacks carry the RGB color signals without sync by default after the mod, or do their wires need to be moved in the connector hood to different spots to achieve this? The article is informative but vague on the exact wiring for the RGB signals.

Any help greatly appreciated as always,

- A


You can have a look at the GameCube  Digital Port wiki entry, and see the pinout of the RGB & component signals from the chip. 

Short answer: yes, R, G and B are the same as Pr, Y and Pb.



I'm just curious, but if your after 15kHz RGB using Composite Video for Sync, why not buy a PAL GameCube which outputs 15kHz RGB as standard? Even with the shipping costs this has to be a cheaper option than modding a rare GameCube Component cable ??? (Heck, I would swap you a PAL GameCube console including shipping for a GameCube Component cable!)


I have not seen region mod tutorials for the PAL Gamecube system, and I do not enjoy gaming in 50hz. If these 2 problems could be resolved I would certainly be more interested in this solution.


Well the PAL GameCube supports 50Hz and 60Hz modes for games, its just the IPL (BIOS/GameCube menu) is 50Hz only. However, if thats a problem you could install an IPL replacement modchip which will display in whatever video mode you want (Not that i'm condoning piracy, but modchips do have legitimate uses) Alternatively you might even be able to swap in the IPL chip from an NTSC GameCube? Never heard of anyone trying that though.

Also, although the PAL GameCube only plays PAL games as standard, the source code for the XenoGC drive modchip was recently released:-
So by building that you could make it run games from any region - although an IPL replacement modchip would also make it region free.

Its also worth noting that the PAL GameCube is technically capable of 480p using the GameCube Component cable (If the game supports it, and assuming you dont buy the later DOL-101 model which has no Digital AV port)