rgb 2 component anger! matt where are you!!

Started by acem77, September 25, 2003, 09:49:58 AM

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i ordered the audio authority vga to component trancoder that a member named matt said a friend
used one and it was great. http://www.audioauthority.com/consumer.html
it did not work must be a synce signal problem.
so i ordered a  i ordered this composite sync splitter.
still does not work:(
maybe it converts the sync wrong.
i can try to make the LM1881 circuit that i read about.
before i waste more time i wish matt could tell me what his friend did to get this to work??!?!?!

what is the diffrence between scart rgb and rgb right from the system?
looks like the sync is composite. so is scart the same as the rgb that games system output?
there is a scart to component converter out.

seems to be such a pain in the butt.


I think that the problem you might have with the sync splitter may be because the splitter might split the syncs but doesn't make them TTL level, like you would get from the LM1881. Like I said before, the usual rgb sources give out a sync which is not TTL(5Vp-p) but are 0.7 - 1 Vp-p. Do you at least get any picture when you plug everything in? You should at least see the Red(Pr) and Blue(Pb) channels because sync is not embedded into them.


i do see a picture of some sort.
somethimes it will be stable it looks like it is missing 1 color.


Quotei do see a picture of some sort.
somethimes it will be stable it looks like it is missing 1 color.
That's what I expected. I'm pretty sure that the only problem here is that the sync levels are not TTL. Its a bitch because all these devices are made to work with VGA level sync and not the Analog RGB level. It would be dope if someone was to create a console type device that would output component. As of yet I have not seen this done. If someone has links on it I would be happy to see them. Bear in mind that I'm talking about a connection like: PC->ArcadeVGA card->RGB-component converter->Component TV(with standard definition resolution ie 480i).


Of course, it may only work for PAL signals. :(


QuoteOf course, it may only work for PAL signals. :(
RGB has no color encoding, so it can't be 'PAL' since that's a color encoding format.

Costs � 145, a bit expense. Heh, they don't even ship to the rest of Europe without arranging something, so no way to get it to the US unless you have a friend in the UK.


thanks for the info it looks very promising.
i will look into it.


nope they will not send to the us. guess they dont want to make more money. the world is a odd place.


:lol: Hi,

    I found an RGB to Component converter from Keene, a British company who will ship to the US. IF there is any interest, it can be found here:


It will convert in either direction, and even looks to function with progressive scan. They also have an excellent introduction to RGB. Not as good as Lawrence's though...  :lol: (or is it?   ;)   )

Hope that this helps!



Hey, I said it worked on my friend's TV - I didn't say it would work on yours out of the box!  As it is, the board seems to have had a glitch that wouldn't let me register until now.

I just used an LM1881 to strip the sync, and it seemed to do the trick.   The 9A62 doesn't seem to like the straight composite sync from the Saturn & DC, and the PSX obviously has none in the first place.


thanks soooo much thats what i thought. i have the parts on order.
i do see the colors. i messed around with it and got the video and colors to show if i ran the compsite video as the y by passing the rgb to component converter.  but it had a lot of pixle crawl in it.
i am going to use it on my super grafx,turboduo,genesis and neo geo
hell maybe get a new pone for my super nova.


You'll probably have to play with the Genesis' RGB out a little bit.  From my experience the Genny's video is way brighter than it should be, which overloads the converter.  Adding some resisitors might solve this.


you split the composite sync to h + v. what are the pins you grounded on the 15 pin side 6,7,810+11?  should the 5 volt ground on the ic chip be seprate from the rgb ground?

i get real unstable pic if i chang the voltage.
i seemed to have missed something.

matt can you show me a lay out of what you did with the LM1881 chip
and what points you conected to the 15 pin  plug.


Read the LM1881 circuit schematic on GameSX.  All the info you need is there.

Of course, there's the small chance that, no matter what you do, your TV will not be compatible with the 9a60.  That's how life works.



matt could you please draw scan and upload  a schematic of what you did
to get the aa transcoder to work.


Fire-WSP that looks cool. have you tested it? i cant read a word on the web site. can you read it?  whats the price and basic info?


No i was not test it but i trust this site and i want to buy this device by my self.
The Price is  179�
But first i need to sell my XRGB-2plus.
You can see on the Pictures on the Site what it does :)


The JS rgb to componant converter is an awesome bit of kit, the keene box tends to reduce the impact of the picture slightly in the same way as looking at RGB from an n64 before boosting the signal, but not as severe, and can be recovered by adjusting levels on the monitor.

But the JS one is about 99% accurate, shame they dont ship.

Sure if you emailed Dr. John and asked he would be willing to arrange somthing for you, well worth the effort.