ps1 monitor mode question

Started by oatcake, March 07, 2004, 07:12:49 PM

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i'm to skint to buy a portable dvd player so i want to play dvds from a normal dvd player throu my ps1 Redant lcd monitor and i was woundering if this is possible
could any of you help with the pinouts i need


It would help if you could be more clear about the equipment you've got.  For example, what Redant monitor you are unfortunate enough to own.

This redant unit has AV inputs on the side, and if you have one of these and are still not sure if it'll work or how to hook it up then you're too stupid to live.  If you have a different model you'll have to tell us before we can help you.


sory doof
the monitor is a PS-568 (5" that just plugs into the back of the ps1)
and no it has'nt got the inputs on the side, i  may be a bit thick but not THAT thick

i will be running a normal dvd player from the car via a power inverter and prob run the montitor from the fag lighter. If this is also wrong pleae let me know.