240p test suite for Dreamcast, Genesis and Sega CD

Started by Artemio, March 16, 2011, 11:02:53 AM

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Hello guys,

I am developing this software for the Genesis, Sega CD and Dreamcast, all code is open source and available to the public. It is a homebrew software suite for video game consoles developed to help in the evaluation of upscalers, upscan converters and line doublers.

It has tests designed with the processing of 240p signals in mind, although when possible it includes other video modes and specific tests for them. These have been tested with video processors on real hardware and a variety of displays, including CRTs and Arcade monitors via RGB.

As a secondary target, the suite aims to provide tools for calibrating colors, black and white levels for specific console outputs and setups. it aims to use the native color space of each console and special care has been taken to make teh test patterns specifically for each console's capabilities.

It includes, amongst other things: a PLUGE pattern, Color Bars, Gray Ramp, Grid and Drop Shadow test.

Here is the link with all the information:


And the downloads:


If you are interested, all you need is either a Dreamcast and a CD-R, a flash cart for the Genesis or a CD-R for the Sega/Mega CD. I want to port it to other platforms which have a viable SDK, and all suggestions are welcome. I intend this tool to be community driven, so shoot with your features, graphics and code =)

I have been changing it constantly, since it has been in development for over a month so far.


This is awesome.  Good job!  Are you the same Artemio i was talking to about cps3 stuff on arcadeotaku?  Anyway, good job,i tried the DC version on various arcade monitors/svga monitors/pvms/amiga/lcd...its cool.


Hello, yes I am the same Artemio.

Glad to hear you liked it, if you have any ideas to change or improve it, shoot.


Not really here to comment on the content of your entry but I just wanted to commend you and people like you for their devotion to keeping "retro" gaming relevant and fresh. I hope to see some Super NES test patterns soon but obviously you have put in an awful lot of work already and I think I can remain patient in the meantime!



I burned and booted your test suite to calibrate my monitor.

Since I use a 1084, and my genesis / dreamcast tend to shift to the left at the very top of the screen, I was not happy with that distortion. This is what I saw:

I was of the opinion, that the signal was somehow corrupted, I thought it was caused by the 1084's  inability to get sync from cvideo.

So, I burned your test suite and gave it a try.

Every test looked ok, till I saw the linearity test-pattern. I was stunned how missplaced the actual image was. I tried to adjust it properly.
Then it happened: Wavy Distortions all over the test pattern while moving the H-position wheel. looked like an interference. But there was a sweetspot, but 80% of all possible settings of h-position gave me a distored image.
Thanks to the testsuite, is able to get a good - correct - image (nearly at the center of the screen)

Now I tested the game.
Ok, game looks different than test suite 1 minute ago.
Ah, Ok ... this game uses 480i instead of 240p.

... damit ... again ...

I had to realign for 408i, and found the same image-distortions in 480i too - and i was able to find a sweetspot - where nearly no distortions happen at all.

Put in the game again, and tried it:
It was the best picture out of that game i ever saw. and it was not as jittery and distorted as before.

Thanks a lot,

p.s.: still angry that the game is in 480i. I thought it was 240p.  :'(  at least the distortions are gone! :D



Thanks for your feedback ninn, that is more than reason enough for this to exist. It is great to know  it is serving its purpose for others.

Also thank you zedrein and acem77, for your time and kind comments.

On related news, I released a new version for teh Genesis and Sega CD, which fixes and improves the sound test, since it now plays back a tune by Shiru using the YM2612 genesis synth on either channel or both.

A grid scrolling test, using teh linearity grid pattern was added as well, which allows vertical and horizontal scroll tests at varying speeds.

An updated Dreamcast release will soon follow with these new features, however the audio will be PCM (maybe of the synthesized Genesis track).


Maybe a SGL based Saturn ver. is in order as well? :-)

I would suggest to use my library, but it doesn't support SCSP.


Hey Piratero, nice to find you here (I've met you at SegaXtreme (9 years ago?). A few years before that I did develop a bit for the Saturn and was considering to port it there as well. I just need to check if my USB to action replay unit is still working since I don't have a computer with the ISA slot for the board anymore.

Will check your SDK and SGL again... a shame teh sound processor is not suported, but maybe if I can play simple samples everything would work.

Been checking the PCE SDKs and SNES assemblers as well, though I have been quite busy at work which hasn't allowed any real progress.