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Are my CDs dying?

Started by benzaldehyde, March 04, 2004, 03:47:20 PM

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Hi all,

    In my continuing adventures through paranoia, I've recently noticed that just about all of my non-covered data side games seem to be developing age rings. Concentric circles of what apper to be interference patterns now cover most of my discs. My fear is that the environment in here (temperature fluctuations aren't extreme but are common) is killing them ahead of schedule. I was wondering if any one knew the reason for this development. I'll be much appreciative, and probably checking the forum two or three times a day per the usual. (Work is boring. :ph34r: ) Thanks all.


I've seen that oil-slick appearance on a lot of my CDs, and it doesn't usually coincide with disc faliure.  The discs I have that ARE dead seem to be shoddy no-name brands and mishandling more than anything else.