Sega SG-1000 - mark1,possible to get other video output modes ?

Started by bigsanta, December 20, 2007, 01:51:19 AM

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i live in the UK and i've been lucky enough to get a boxed Sg-1000,i did know it only had an ntscj rf output,but i would like to actually play this console on my  rgb euro tv,instead of just  having it as a collectors piece.

Would it be possible to tap any other video modes from the board,and has anyone actually done that on this system ?

If nothing has been done on the sg console before,how would i go about trying to find any connections that might be available on the pcb ?




Do you know what IC does your SG-1000 use to generate the graphics?
I suppose it's one of the TMS 91xx family, used also in the MSX, Colecovision and other computers, since there are a few variants that have different capabilities (RGB, Component), if you can find out what IC your unit use you can see what you can get from it.


I'm not familiar with what an IC is or does,but there is a chip near the rf modulator,it's an TMS9918ANL  MHU8327,is that the one?



TMS9918A, that's the video chip. And I'm sorry but it seems that it does only composite video  :-[
Some info on wikipedia:


Thanks for the info,and within that wiki page,there's also a pdf which has the pinouts for the chip,so i'll see what i can do then,and it is a damn shame about it lacking the rgb ,as the computer version of the sg,the sc-3000 does do rgb!

If it goes ok,i'll put the results up for others to follow,and if it blows up ,i won't ;)


Went ok ,i took the composite from the ic,and the sound and ground from the modulator(the connections going from the board ,to the rf modulator).


Just an update with video ,showing what i recently did ,when updating the mod.

What's up with embedding youtube flash ? The message preview shows the video window,but when you click save ,all that's there in the forum is the link ??