TC9231N used in the snes digi mod

Started by acem77, January 22, 2011, 06:42:21 AM

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TC9231N  can be used in the snes digi mod.


The TC9231N can be used to S/PDIF mod the SNES but you might need an TTL chip (74hc04)  also as seen in the other mods using TC9231N.


then could the  CS8406/5a be used in the pxs,gamecube  and satun?
this would seem to be best by not needing the 74hc04?


Well the CS8406/5 has to be in software mode then otherwise it is stuck to 256fs, i certainly dont have the skill to use any S/PDIF transmitter chips in software mode.

The DIT4096 would be perfect for PSX and Saturn mods anyway so why not use that one?


Can the CS8405A/CS8406 for the snes/Saturn digital audio mod be cross referenced to work with the
TC9231N and 74HC04 from the psx and gamecube audio mod? There are two version of the mod for the psx and GC below.
"" snes CS8405A mod
"" Saturn CS8406 mod

I found this on the saturn page.

Number = pins on TC9231N
EMPH: emphasis:26
RST: Reset: ? not sure what to do here
ILRCK: Word Clock: 4
ISCLK: Bit Clock: 3
SDIN: Audio Data: 2
OMCK: Master Clock: 9
TXP: S/Pdif output : 15

Each of these mods use the TC9231N and 74HC04 but the chips are wired different for each mod.
Not sure why, I guess some signals need to be inverted. Why do they run the output of one inverter to the input of another on the TC9231N mod seems like a waste?
Of the two below would one mimic what is needed for the above
Snes/Saturn digital audio mods if the TC9231N and 74HC04 are used?

Gamecube digital audio mod with a TC9231N.
PSX digital audio mod with a TC9231N.

I have successfully completed the PSX and Gamecube mods in the past.


Update got the TC9231N chip working with the snes, ill test the saturn and dreamcast next.