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X68K Games I.D.

Started by Broken, January 24, 2011, 11:20:19 PM

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Hi it's been a bit since I've been on this forum even though it seems quite good in terms of content and info. However I don't always go on forums that much.

Anyway I have a few X68K games that I've been trying to identify. The games I think are the more obscure Hentai RPG type and some of those have only the Japanese name on them (yeah I know this is understandable with the system being a Japanese only one). I guess this is more understandable also as they probably weren't made for or ported to any of the more popular systems that were around in the USA, UK etc unlike some other more popular X68K titles. I did some searching myself but I guess even on the net there isn't loads of info on the X68K compared to other subjects and maybe especially for titles like these as far as I know.

Below are the pictures of the covers that I took;

The first one is by 'Fairytale' I think, the second by 'Inter Heart' from the top of the picture if that's right and the third by 'Lemon Cocktail' ? I have some possible names from some info I got but I'm still not sure. I could search under the names above but even if I did find them the stuff could all just be in Japanese. I could maybe check it out anyway.

I have some possible names below but they're a bit of a long shot. If any of them ring a bell with any of the pictures I'd greatfully appreciate any input or help.

'The Road Home is Full of Danger'

'Shinjuku Story'

'Vampire High School'

'Will's Message'

'The Kawarazaki Clan'


Hi again I'm sorry about this second post. I tried to edit my pictures so all five would be in one post but I couldn't get them small enough. This is partly my fault but I did my best with what I have.

Anyway below are the other two pictures of the games.

The forth one is by 'D.O' I think and is another Hentai RPG game. The fifth game is by 'Alice Soft' and could be called 'Ayumi-chan's Story' ?

Again any help would be greatfully appreciated.


Hi again ok here's another below. It's by 'Silky's' I think.



This link could come in handy:

Gamebase features an emulator frontend with screenshots from games so with a little bit of research you will be able to identify your games. If you don't want to fool around with emulators, try downloading X68000 Gamebase, Screens & Installer (80 MB) and browsing through the pictures.

Hope this helps,
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Hi shit hot thanks for that. Your reply and info are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.