5 volt @5 amps power supply,what value fuse would it need ?

Started by bigsanta, January 22, 2011, 02:21:44 AM

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On my 2 slot cmvs quest ,i have my switch mode power supply (for the 5Vcc only  mod )and it didn't come with an actual lead with the plug on,which is a standard kettle type,but i have one here ready. (pc psu type lead)So to be safe,what value fuse would i have to use for the plug ,based on this info;

It's a stontronics and i'm in the UK so it will run off a 230 volts supply.

input:100-240 v~,50-60hz,0.8A
output:5v @4.0A

A bit more info is below.

Is this correct
I x V = watts(
then watts divided by v  = the value of the fuse ?
So the closest fuse value would be a 1amp ?