Dreamcast GD-drive question

Started by Agentspikey95, February 21, 2004, 02:23:45 PM

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I was wondering if i bough a dreamcst GD-ROM drive, ripped up one of my dcrom drives for a computer, and stuffed the GDROM's guts in there, and pt IDE stuff in there...would i be able to make a GD-ROM reader for my computer.

EDIT: this is not for piracy purposes, i'm trying to learn dreamcast development and ripping the audo tracks for some of my games.
Why are you reading this?


Well, if you did it right YES, but you would need Special firmware, and a LOT of making things work right, and not too many people can write GDROM firmware !

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how are the gd's encoded, is half of the disc standard cd readable and the other half double density? while not very popular, there are double density cd drives around which makes me wonder if they are related technolgies?


I think I remember reading something about this. I've read that GD-ROMS are like CDs, except that there is a double-pressed section of the disc. This is why DC software can be burned with a program like Nero, which produces a similar pattern on a CDR as is seen in GD-ROMs. (OK, I admit it. I had to try that "MvC2 Remix"; just my luck it should all be hip-hop. Shit. I'll take my own copy any day.) If that's the case, one would think you could find a disc reader for them. How, though, is anyone's guess.