SEGA Game Gear 512Kb Flash Cartridge -- Working Prototype!

Started by Gerry_MAN, December 19, 2010, 03:13:32 PM

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Hi Folks,

Well, to fill everyone in I have been working on developing a Flash cartridge for the SEGA Game Gear (1Mbyte version) for some time now.
I got temporarily distracted by working on my 512Kb version.

I finally landed a working design for this one.

So in turn I compiled together a 5 Part instructional video along with a 26 Page
"Step by Step" guide in PDF format for you all to follow. I have also included a Full schematic design and a PCB layout
of my GIGANTIC Prototype PCB that I used during the development process.

Anyhow, there's a few ways of building this unit and I I'll leave it up to you to choose.
Hopefully the info I've supplied here will help you all to build your own 512kb Flash cart.

I'm going to continue to work on the 1Mbyte version and hopefully I'll get this sucker up and running soon.

You can access all the the documentation and Links from my Website at the link below:
(Site is under constructions so please excuse the crudity of the current layout)

Talk to you all later,