Snes cartidge ntsc to pal

Started by Cyrix, September 04, 2010, 06:34:19 AM

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is there a way to mod the ntsc CARTRIDGE for playing on every pal snes console? if needed i could use parts from another pal cartidge...


Why would you want to do that ? The game would play poorly. Even worse if it's an "speed optimized" game like for example Mario Kart (the PAL version is optimized to perform just as good as a NTSC game on it's original PAL system.)


Yes, it is possible. Either disable the cic chip in your SNES or in the cartridge, then put the cartridge in a PAL game shell, or just remove the shell entirely, and it will play.

Most PAL games are not speed optimized (only a handful were), but just identical NTSC carts with a PAL cic chip inside. Your modded game will play identically to these.