Scart Svideo Auto Switch for CCTV

Started by krivis, October 19, 2008, 09:52:23 PM

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I want to make auto change channel to av when motion detected near my outdoor CCTV camera.
I have video camera installed on my door and connected to my Tv set, the output is Svideo.
I have read lots of forums and i cant find how to make auto change to av mode on my tv.
I know that pin 8 on the scart needs voltage 5~12 DC and pin 16 needs 0.1 ~ 0.4 DCV for composite/svideo signal, pin 18 is the ground for both. I have PIR motion detector and i want when he detects motion to give DC voltage on my TV scart input.
Can anyone tell me what kind of DC adapter should i use. Do i need to make some circuit with resistors for auto change channel when power is on?

So all i need is the correct voltage on the correct scart pins for auto-switch to svideo av channel.



I think the CCTV camera manufacturer itself will be the one who can really answer your questions correctly. But I guess, it already has the specific CCTV power connector attached at an inflated price from the CCTV camera supplier. Or better if you will take your CCTV camera to local electronics repair shop.

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Apply 12V DC to pin 8 and the composite video input at pin 20 will be selected. The best kind of power adapter to use to supply the 12V is the regulated switch mode type.

There's no standard way to automaticaly switch the input to s-video mode.