Just got an NEC MultiSync XV29 Plus.

Started by NamelessPlayer, October 09, 2010, 10:54:37 AM

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As far as I can tell, it's an XM29 (Plus) with internal speakers and less variety of inputs in the back, but still the same sort of CRT-down to 15 KHz RGB support. First barrier to retrogaming glorious RGB, down at last!

Geometry's a little off, though. The image is bowed vertically a bit (convex at top edge, concave at bottom), and the corner pincushion setting in the OSD adjusts both the top and bottom...with the top corners flaring out significantly, or the bottom corners still bent inward. The best I can do to straighten it out still leaves a bit of an S on the left and right edges. I'm guessing that any further tuning would require me to take the case off and make adjustments inside, preferably without a nasty shock in the process.

Nevertheless, my retro consoles look surprisingly good just using S-Video. No significant color bleeding, very sharp, and especially noticeable scanlines if you're into that sort of thing. I can only imagine what a proper RGB image would be like...but that's the next issue. I obviously don't have RGB cables, and the XV29 Plus takes its 15 KHz RGB from the same DE-15 ports used for VGA. (Fitting, really, since VGA is just 31 KHz RGB.)

I could wire some up, but I don't know where to get the connectors for each console. The Saturn (NTSC), Genesis, and Neo-Geo CD should be relatively easy due to the use of DIN connectors, but I don't know about my SNES and that distinctive Nintendo multi-out port. (I also have an N64, but the serial number indicates a general unlikeliness of it being RGB-moddable.)

I could also opt to create a SCART adapter instead, preferably with RGB SCART cables from the consoles into a SCART switcher, and then the switcher gets adapted to DE-15 + RCA audio (assuming that I don't just do that straight from the switcher), but that would cost significantly more money than I like simply because the US$ does NOT do well exchange rate-wise against the GBP, and guess what most prices for anything SCART-related are quoted in...

As for sync, it seems to accept H+V, composite, AND sync-on-green. It makes me wonder if I'll need the LM1881 at all for sync separation. (Perhaps it would still be advisable in case a given platform has poor sync lines or something.)


You will still need an LM1881 to strip the composite sync, the NEC monitors will not take composite video and strip it for you like the PVM's do.