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N64 Overclock GPU

Started by d0tm4trx, September 04, 2010, 11:58:56 AM

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Hello all,

I was wondering if there was a way to just overclock the GPU and not the CPU? when you overclock the CPU the game ie) perfect dark- runs faster, and the music changes...  In theory if you just overclock the GPU then you will have the higher framerate and less lag, without making the entire game run faster.


I dont know an awful lot about this, but I dont think it's possible.
I'd love it if it were possible, alot of n64 games have very poor framerates, but I dont have high hopes.
I think if you increase the gpu clock speed it ruins the horizontal refresh rate so even if the game does run your tv wont be able to display the image.

anyone know if this is true?


Most likely not possible, and even if it were, it'd be useless. Nintendo 64 games are locked at a certain number of fps. Many of them are 20 (or 17.3, for PAL games), some 30 (25 for PAL). None (pretty much) 60*. Even if you increased the performance of the hardware, nothing would change, because the games are made this way in software. You need to hack the games in order to even be able to get a higher frame rate.

* Zelda runs at 60 fps in the file select menu, this applies to many other games too. :)