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Saturn USA/JAP mod

Started by Agentspikey, January 11, 2004, 02:25:51 AM

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I located the jumpers, bought the switches, and i can't understand the GameSX  guide to installing it.
First, do i have the right switches? i bought submini 6-prong DPTP or something slide switches...

and will IDE hard drive cables work for this if i rip the different wires apart and strip the ends?

i can't post any pictures cause my webhost is down...

is there any easier to understand stuff out there?


i thing i figured one part out, when, say the us is selected, what will be the corresponding "ON", GND, or  +5v?

shadow the hedgehog

I also have this question. I wanted to make a switch for USA/Japan/Europe for my Saturn. I wanted to know EXACLTY wich jumpers should be on for each region. The guide is kinda confusing.

Thanks for any help.


IDE cables work nicely.  As for which pins go where, I can't tell you off the top of my head, and I'm too busy to go look it up and figure it out right now, perhaps next time I do a saturn mod I'll try writing a guide of my own or something.

Feeling Scared? ^_~


It's not a f**king puzzle you guys.  Hand-holding guides are for brainless chumps.  It sounds to me like you're not totally familiar with the operation of your switch.  Drag out your multimeter (and if you don't have one, borrow or buy one) and figure out how your switch works.

Then connect the dots.  It took me a little time, but I figured it out and I don't really doubt you can too.

Doing something exactly as you're told isn't how you learn.  Time to become men!  =)

Update: Jeez, I'm a caustic old fart aren't I?

shadow the hedgehog

Is it so hard to just tell what jumpers to connect to X region?

It will save some time for me you know. And I'm not so good with the soldering iron.


Sorry man, I'm a firm believer in teaching a man to fish, not giving him fish when he wants 'em.  I've done all the hard work, I've left you the easy stuff.  If you want a complete guide so you can shut off your brain and just solder you'll have to find it on another site.  This has been a conscious decision at for more than six years.

All the info you need is there.  The info you don't is up to you to figure out.  If I had a page showing all the details no one would ever be able to change it.  If you have the basics and have to figure out the implementation everyone's going to do it slightly differently and we'll end up with many different solutions to the problem.  This is more exciting to me than thousands of identical mods.


There are several good guides out there on the internet, but this place isn't really a great place to go for guides, just for info on how to do it yourself.  Segaxtreme is a good place to start for your saturn modifying needs, if you need a guide that is.  I've seen some other good ones a few places too, just didn't save the links.

Edit:  googling this: sega saturn region mod
the first site that pops up is lmao

Feeling Scared? ^_~


I've got to thank Lawrence for keeping up this policy.
A guide which tells you exactly what to do creates many problems and no good solutions.

After seeing the switchless SS mod guide, several people have come to me and present their solution to it, many of them worked, too. Were it a point-to-point guide, more than one of these guys would have a dead Saturn and the rest wouldn't know why it worked in the first place.

Take some time with those diagrams and draw some more yourself if that helps.
If a true genius like me can do it, you can too.


Thank you, and i beleive that there should be some guesswork to do, but i just wana get this right because it took me a year to find this S.O.B, and i want to get the best out of the thirty bucks i spent on this thing. Thanks for the advice.

shadow the hedgehog

Hummm, I kinda now agree with it... The problem is that I don't have much money, and if I screw my Saturn, I probrably wont have another so soon...

Well... Let's see what I can do...


I've done the saturn switch mod following Lawrence's guide and it worked, I think  if you dont have the technical know how it won't be easy for you  :P  


Lawrence, you have to show a man how to fish before he can fish. And the same applies to anything else so don't be such an ass to these guys. And yes those guides are a little confusing. I have some clear understandable guides complete with pix. If you are interested email me at


Here's a better idea, crgrindele  -  if you don't like my site or my guides start your own.  If you don't like how I treat the people who come then leave.  This isn't playschool, this is my forum, on my computer, in my house, and if I'm not fucking FRIENDLY enough that's too damned bad.

Any questions?  Anyone have a problem with this?  >=P


And if you're going to come here and post regularly, do you think you could just sign up so that people can either respond to you in threads so that you receive notifications, or alternatively can private message you?
You whined about having your email exploited in another thread, why don't you just sign up instead of giving out the chance to receive spam (something that is of course outside the control of the moderators and administrators of this board, so your threat of suing is actually incapable of retaining any H2O).
Stop hiding behind the anonymity of a guest log-in and put something tangible behind your relatively aggressive posting style. If your knowledge is anywhere near as strong as you allude to, you would be an asset to this forum.


I used the guide and my switch works fine. While I was working it out, I found a few different ways to wire the switch, so I agree with ol' grumpy. What's weird was my Saturn had the same board layout as the Hitachi Hi-Saturn, but it's just the regular oval button American one. . . Has anyone heard of this?
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