Odd treamcast vmu plug problem.

Started by macabre, April 07, 2011, 09:55:25 AM

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Here is what I'm working with. These are plugs taken from Treamcast items (knock off dreamcast mouse & light gun specifically).

One of the three works.

I need three functional ones for my project to work.

The one that works is from an SRC bio gun (wired). It is still connected to the gun.

The one that somewhat works and I stand a chance of fixing was connected to a treamcast mouse, but the since the seller didn't want to ship it to the US due to shipping fees, I bartered with him and told him that I only needed the plug, so he snipped a few inches of wire and sent it to me. The vmu beeps when it is plugged in, but that is all, no vmu access in dreamcast menu, no vmu screen display

The one that is a complete dud is the one that doesnt even have an IC chip. The only Treamcast mouse I could actually get shipped to me complete has this chip still attached (still all wired together), but it has zero vmu function, not even a beep. I'm guessing due to the complete absence of the IC chip, and possibly since half of the VMU pin connectors are not even connected to the chip from the VMU port. F@#K! Waste of time, I don't think I can get this to work.

As for the one that is only giving a beep, the middle pictured one with the cut wire. I have a theory that since the voltage and ground that go to the removed mouse are not connected, that it just isn't getting all the power to the VMU. But I'm not sure if there is any sort of buffer in the mouse, as by the looks of the wiring coming from the one I got from Canada, and the one that the guy cut, it seems different.

Would I fry a memory card if I found out which of the wires going to the peripheral was voltage & ground and connected them?

Is there any thing else I can do to fix this?

I will eventually need to remove the chip from the gun, that is, remove the peripheral from the currently working chip. So I'd like to know as much as possible before I break the only working part I have.

...Does anyone have any treamcast crap like this that they would sell me?


I found a possible replacement for the missing IC chip, assuming the supplier has one in stock / willing to sell one.

I'm trying to identify the other five components on the entire thing that are missing from the other two that are complete. I can make out the two capacitors.

Is that a 56k resistor between the vmu pins? I'm thinking the part "3V9" in front of the cap's is another resistor, but I've not seen one like it? And I'm not entirely sure what the part next to the "8050" is, other than it has 3 pins.

If I could salvage the stripped one then that would be awesome, but I still need to know how to get these working without their original controllers attached.