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Started by JackLeather, August 11, 2010, 03:05:36 AM

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I have been playing with DSHELL.X

Dshell lets you build a menu that can start programs/games etc on a floppy or hard disk - even better you can use a joystick to select items from the menu (good for none keyboard owners). you can of course use the mouse/keyboard as well.

i reckon its probably quite powerful. hope someone can dig up some docs on it. Eidis i think this is going to make a great front end to your disk image. heres what i found...

Dshell experimentation

Usage: dshell [Option [...]] filename [title]

command line args

-T Title at top of page
dshell -T"Your Title"

-0 Background colour

dshell -0-0000 - black background
dshell -0-FFFF - White (yes its a four-digit hexadecimal)

-1 Top and Bottom band colour

dshell -1-1234 (hex again)

you can of course do this;
dshell -0-0000 -1-1234 -T"My Title"

Menu/control file

It appears to need a special character to mark the hot spot (one small circle inside a larger one) that you click on/select to start the item.
Question: how is this entered?

(o) Some Text      TYPE=CLI:DIR
(o) Some Text      TYPE=DOC:SOME.DOC

Note: the 'TYPE' looks promising and i'll bet theres several TYPEs supported. Pics, Music etc...

full example.
-assuming you have created a file called test.doc with the 3 lines of text above, starts with the (o).
A>DSHELL -0-0000 -1-1234 -T"This is a test" test.doc


f10 - quits dshell

Question: there's a 'menu' button at the bottom - what does it say?
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