Re: Xrgb2 plus, recommended 32" tv plus other questions

Started by imparanoic, July 12, 2010, 11:02:12 PM

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Re: Xrgb2 plus,

Please can anyone recommended decent andf reasonable valyue 32" tv which is best compatible with xrgb2 plus with minimal lag, no sync issues and no distorted images ( apparently, samsung tvs and bravia 2 sony ones are not so great)

i have a rgb modded pc engine duo ( with cool blue led )

schp 1050 on my ps2/ps1and d terminal with ps2 (in fact can anyone tell whcih cable is better for ps2?)

official super famicom rgb 21 pin jp on american snes

I will have this on my retro game room (relegated by my wife who has a phobia of gagdets from my lounge) thus hence why i want the best tv which you retro guys and girls


I hear that the bravia engine 3 on kdl-32ex400 is great for xrgb and retro games, anyother makes and model, can anyone tell me which tv either to recommend or advise to avoid which particular brand of tvs


I have no experience with xrgb, but I saw the toshiba 32rv733: it has very low lag and is pretty good with sd signals.
Here (Italy) it costs around 400€


thx for your recommendation.

i will have a look for this model in Hong Kong.

my main concern is that i hear that some tv distort low resolution visuals from consoles