Anyone doing these mods as a service?

Started by A Murder of Crows, June 24, 2010, 08:32:17 PM

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A Murder of Crows

i have a few saturns, a dreamcast, an N64, and a gamecube that id like to get modded with spdif optical (toslink).  i'd like to know if there is anyone doing these mods as a service in the US, west coast preferably

thank you


your best bet is to link to the specific mods you would like done.
I'm not anywhere useful to you but I thought I'd post anyway to help you find someone more easily.

There are many people (like myself) who have the skills to perform 99% of mods, but may not off hand know anything at all about the mod(s) you are requesting.
This doesnt mean they wouldnt be completely competent to do the mod, just that there would be a bit of research involved in finding out how it is done.
If you take the research out of the equation and post a link to a guide or diagram of some description showing the mod(s) you would like done you'll probably find someone who's interested:)

I just did a saturn mod for someone which I took on mainly because they were able to supply me with full documentation on what they wanted me to do.

I'd have done it for you but youre looking at $40 each way per console for postage.. it's pretty bs..