Is there any Saturn PCB pinout?

Started by bshi02, April 28, 2010, 11:12:44 PM

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I want to add female svideo and av port to the back  of my saturn.
But I don't know where I should Solder on saturn PCB in order to link with svideo and av port.
Is there any Sega saturn PCB pinout for soldering chroma,luma,ground and right,left audio out point ?
I'm sorry for my bad Englsih
and thanks in advance


You realize the Saturn already has an S-Video cable right?


If you have the skill, the best thing to do is to tap the lines that lead straight to the custom A/V port. You can also trace the known pinout back to the source encoder if you really want, but really tapping the video and audio outputs anywhere on that particular PCB trace should be fine. There's no need to go straight to the chip, especially since it's less risky to ruin a connector than it is to ruin a whole encoder.