Convert UK SNES to use US/JAP Controllers

Started by RalphUp, April 26, 2010, 04:03:14 PM

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Hi guys,

Hope this is in the correct section, if not can someone move it please?

I modded my Launch day UK PAL SNES years ago for 50/60 Hz and also did the LOCKOUT mod.

For years I had a US HORI SGB (Super GAMEBBOY) Controller Pad, but could never get it to work on my PAL machine, then I saw this page:

I did the mod but found that the LINKS were hard to see in the  photos, so I have made new images. Basically the LINKS short out four Diodes.
Region MODS have got a bit more complicated now a days! but why Nintendo Region LOCKED the PADS is anyones guess!

Best thing is I had taken the HORI pad to bits years before and tried hacking around swapping wires etc in the PORT Connector, so I got my SMARTJOY SNES - USB adaptor and used that to get the connector PINS back in the correct order and IT STILL WORKED!, I did it using the USB adaptor to avoid damaging the SNES. once it was working in the USB adaptor and all buttons were working correctly I fired it up in the SNES and BEHOLD a working SGB PAD on a PAL SNES.





Thanks GUYS!


Goes nicely with My SUPER Gameboy Collection:

PAL SGB modded with a LINK PORT




Having modded dozens of PAL SNES consoles, I can say that very, very few units actually have this controller region lock. I have only come across three, one was very early, one was very late, and I don't remember the last one. Either way, simple mod.  :)


my SNES was a UK PAL launch day unit, but I was so happy when I found this MOD...
problem with the photos on the GAMESX page was the LINKS were not too clear, but once I had the PCB out it was a doddle of a MOD, so I thought I would  post easier pictures.


I think I've only seen one or two consoles which have this lock too, but in any case, I wrote up this guide to mod the CONTROLLERS, not the console:

if you want to do it on your sgb controller you can, you just have to figure out which pins are what at the end of the cable.