Sega Genesis Model 3 Import Switch - Diff Board?

Started by PowerBook86, May 27, 2007, 06:20:53 AM

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Hey guys,

I picked up a Genesis 3 for $5 at a flea market recently. So I was browsing the site and came across a guide about making an Import Switch for a Genesis 3 (Link Here) Now everything looked simple except, my Genesis 3 board looks a bit different.

Instead of 3 main chips I see 2, and the four points to use for the Import switch aren't in the place they should be. However, on the right side of the square Sega chip before the cartridge slot I see four points. Although I don't know if those would be the same, it just looks similar.

Any ideas? I guess my Genesis 3 is a later or earlier model.

Here is an image of my board compared to the one on the site.



I made an old post locating the jumpers.  They are also shown on my webpage though under the genesis section ;)

I design PCBs for retro game systems :)



I have also the genesis 3 with this different board, and the webpage, who shows locations of the jumpers, is out of order. Someone could say me where they are ?  ::)

thank you by anticipation. ;)

P.S : sorry for my poor english, I'm french.