Genesis 2 RGB encoder replacement

Started by lecarde, January 03, 2010, 03:23:49 PM

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Hey all, I just got a Genesis 2 from the thrift store and I'm looking to do some mods to it.  I ordered all the parts for the s-video mod, but after I opened it, I realized it is a model with a Samsung KA2195D.  I have an extra CXA1645M I pulled out of a PS1, and looking at the datasheets, it appears they are pin-compatible.  However, I just wanted to run it by everyone to see what you think.


Yes, it's a drop in replacement. One small exception is pin 18: it's not connected on the KA2195D, but the CXa1645 should have a 20k (NTSC) or 16k (PAL) resistor to ground.


I have Genesis 2 with video chip samsung ka2195d, motherboard va0
I replace ka2195d to cxa1645m

Doing so:
8 leg left hanging in the air
9 leg through a capacitor to ground hooked 0.1mkf
18 leg through a resistor to ground hooked 20kOm
the other leg is soldered as is



As a result of the genesis of the issue now is not no video or sound. Have any ideas how to fix it?

P.S. Sorry my Englesh not good