Day 1 Swe PAL N64 RGB mod?

Started by NinJ, December 20, 2009, 11:33:57 PM

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New to the forums here but it seems to be an awesome community helping each other here :)

I bought my N64 on release day here in Sweden and while browsing around a little on the forums I thought I found some notation on the subject of RGB mod:ing a PAL N64. Most aren't able to but some are? In this case how will I know if mine is or not? Since playing the N64 through composite on my HDTV just makes everything look like feces :(

Another question I have is the Passport system I have does not seem to work. Get no picture / menu on it what so ever. I opened the cartridge up in hope of seeing something that's keeping it from working but I see no such thing.

Thank you in advance for any help and answers regarding these subjects. Hope to have a fun mod:ing time with you all :)


The two small chips are the flash ROM where the device firmware is stored. Sadly no screen is a symptom of corrupt firmware....