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SNES analog mod?

Started by zedrein, November 02, 2010, 03:25:51 PM

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Hey friends! I know typically users skulk around these forums presenting the glorious modifications they've performed on their favorite retro-consoles and want to share with the world but I come here wondering if a particular mod is even possible: The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is capable of outputting a number of raw digital signals that can be harnessed and reformatted to the SPDIF interface, this we know, but I would be delighted to discover if you can take those same digital signals and convert them into a stereo analog signal with a chip like this Nintendo did an OK job with their conversion, but it's still a messy signal that's teeming with lots of audible interference and with today's modern DAC chips quality sound can be achieved on the cheap...just tell me, can this be done with relative ease?