Need help repairing my pvm 2950q - bnc is busted?

Started by Zapf, June 22, 2012, 03:34:24 AM

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When I was behind my sony pvm 2950q last night (replacing the bnc / rca adapters and the speakers and cleaning up the place) the r/r-y plug of input 3 stopped functioning. I'm not sure why this might have happened or if something screwed up internally or externally (inside the bnc plug itself) - any easy fixes? I'd be willing to take a peek inside before I called up the closest electronics repair store, though I'm moderately afraid of killing myself over an rgb input =/

Can the bnc plugs be replaced easily? Did something possibly get bent out of shape inside the plug, that I could make up for somehow?

EDIT It appears to have resolved itself? I need to check to see if my brother did anything this morning when he was using it - I left it unplugged overnight.