Radio Shack TV Scoreboard

Started by TJ_Kat, July 12, 2013, 01:40:28 PM

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Does anyone have even a passing familiarity with one of these?

Pong (13)1977 Radio Shack - TV Scoreboard (60-3061)

I would like to be able to get composite video out of this thing since my TV doesn't have any place to plug in the RF cable.

In the likely even that no one knows a thing about one of these, would anyone be willing to help me figure it out if I pop it open and take pictures?


Most pongs are the same inside. One chip solution from GE. The different parts of the picture (paddles, score, playing field) come out as TTL video on separate pins. Sync's probably separate too.

There was a fair bit of tech info at


Thanks, that's really helpful. Looks like all I really need to do is find the RF modulator's video input and attach the new composite cable to that.