JVC X'EYE S-Video modification?

Started by SamIAm, February 08, 2004, 11:18:46 AM

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Hello all, this is my first post here. I'm sorry if this question has been asked often before, but I searched the forum and found no answers. I would like to get S-Video output from my US model JVC X'Eye. I know I could get it from various Sega made models, but I'd like to keep using my X'EYE for its superior sound. Google offers me no answers, and it sounds like I may just have to open up the system to see what kind of encoder chip it uses. Before I take that plunge, however, does anyone here know the answer already?


If I'm not mistaken (I used to own an X'Eye), there is a A/V port on the left hand side of the console which is the same port used by the Genesis model 2. Using the pinouts on this site, you could find which pin is responsible for S-video. Or simply buy an official S-video cable off of E-bay for a Ganesis model 2.


That would all work great IF the Genesis 2 had S-Video.  But it doesn't!  So I guess that might answer your question, SamIAm, perhaps it is impossible to do what you ask.  However,  you might be able to get S-Video from inside the deck, if you know how to solder.  See if there is one of the chips in your deck like the one in the modification to the Genesis 3:


Of course, bcforn might be wrong, so you might want to verify what he said before you attempt a mod like that.