Internal hard disk for early x68000 sasi models, ace, pro, etc

Started by genocho, September 12, 2009, 06:42:24 AM

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Is possible to connect an internal hard disk to x68000 non hd-models ?

I know all this first models, have internal and external sasi connectors.

Sasi is pinout compatible with scsi, the only problem is to rewire an scsi cable to adapt it.

Then you only need to use switch.x to configure it and then format and install human68k.

Is this correct, or only can be done in hd models ?

Last, if this method runs, is possible to add an scsi to ide bridge and then attach a cf on it ?

It must be amazing boots and use a compact flash on this machines.

Tutorials and photos about all this stuff is welcome.




Thanks for the link, but appears to be difficult to made.

That circuit makes the signal neccesary to an scsi modern hd, but what happend with the rest of the pins ?

Any other tutorial  or more info ?



The circuit is optional. Many older HDs and at least one model of IDE-SCSI adaptor will work without it.




It looks that work, but I still need the schematic of the cable, from sasi pcb conector to 50 pin scsi .