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Atari VCS question

Started by Agentspikey95, January 17, 2004, 10:37:51 AM

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I'm trying to fix my mom's old Sears telegames, and the last thing i concluded after replacing the video cord: dead power adaptor. the nearest thing i have in the house is a 10vdc adaptor but the atari runs on 9v. is there anyway to build an adaptor to take the voltage down just one volt? is there any fuses or aything i could have missed? any help is appreciated
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Hrmm...well here's what you can do:

1. buy any 9v AC adapter
2. cut the caple at the end (before the AC)
3. cut the Atari power cable in the middle
4. solder the 2 cables inside, experiment with +/-

That should work...give it a shot.  Also, you could just use a 9v D battery and one of the red/black wired clips to give it a portable power source...just a thought ;)



Would a 9v battery work? how long would it last?
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I can't imagine it lasting long lol.  I'd suggest just getting a 9v power supply, or if you're determined to use the 10v, I guess you could use some resistors or a pot to get the voltage down or something.

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oh wait a minut i just found out my Genny adaptor outputs 9v, would that work if a built an adapter to go from genesis input to atari input?
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You can buy multi-voltage multi-ended PSUs for cheap.
Again, go and buy one.

HeartBurn Kid

I'd definitely say hit your local Radio Shack and get yourself an AC adaptor.  They even have interchangeable plugs, and you're sure to find a bit that fits the VCS.  Should cost you less than 10 bucks as well.

Then again, the Genesis power supply should work too, as long as it's the exact same voltage.


An Atari power brick is not regulated anyway.  If I recall it's, just a transformer, a halfwave rectifier, and a filter cap, that's it. I just measured the no load output voltage from one and it was 14.37vdc.   The no load output from a Sega 1602,  Genesis Model 1 power supply was 13.7vdc.   Anyway the point is that the input voltage is not that critical.  Just make sure you use a supply that is rated for at least 1 amp at 9vdc and that the polarity is correct.



well too late, already fried it { :( } oh well, ill buy a new one when i get a job...
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That's too bad, Spikey.  I agree with Beanhead, though.  10 volts, 9 volts, not much difference.  Just get polarity right.  If it doesn't work well, you might not have enough current output (amps).  

Oh, and AC/DC.  Using a DC wall wart with an AC device is probably fine, but not vice versa.  I tried a Genesis 9v wall wart on my regular NES (10v AC it says).  Works fine.  


I used to use the same Sega Master System supply for both the SMS and the NES.  This works because the NES has a bridge recitifer on the P/S input.  This allow you to use AC or DC of either polarity.