JAP Model 1 Saturn 50/60Hz mod not working?

Started by Konsolkongen, July 28, 2010, 04:13:06 AM

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Hello :)

Been trying to make my Japanese Model 1 Saturn display in 50Hz for those few PAL games that wont run in 60Hz properly. I already have the region mod figured out, no problem. And i have 50/60Hz modified several PAL machines with great results.

This Saturn is the very first model 1 Saturn. The one with double LED's. The motherboard says V0.5.

I figured that Jumper 1 would be a good place to start since that's the one used when doing this mod on a MegaDrive. I located JP1 in no time and confirmed that it was indeed connected to pin 79 of the Videochip. Just like this guide says: http://mmmonkey.co.uk/console/sega/saturn5060.htm

The common point between JP1 and JP2 was connected by a thin trace to 5V. I cut that trace, made sure there was no connection and soldered wires to the three points:
Blue is common, Green is Ground and Yellow is 5V.

After connecting these wires to a switch the mod should now be working... (common to middle leg... ;) )

Well when the switch is set to 60Hz (5V) the Saturn works perfectly like it always has. When set to 50Hz (Ground) this is what happens:

I only get a black screen when using my XRGB-3 :(

My PAL Saturn which has the same mods works perfectly in 50Hz on my TV and XRGB-3.

Can i do something to make this Saturn show in 50Hz too or can it simply not be done?

Here are two pictures showing the Motherboard on both sides:

Thank you :)