Good Quality Cables

Started by panzeroceania, September 02, 2009, 08:06:13 PM

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I was wondering if you guys know any sites that sell good RGB cables for systems like SNES, Genesis, Saturn, etc. also did the companies make official versions of them? or was it just third party companies?


In Japan Nintendo sold first-party cables for the SNES, and Sega sold them for the Saturn.  I think Sega sold MD cables in Europe, but for sure they had a very limited release.


I personally have had no luck with finding great quality RGB cables at a reasonable price.


I take it first part Saturn RGB cables are completely gone now. I can still find some 3rd party ones though so not all hope is lost.


are super nintendo, n64, and gamecube A/V cables interchangable? was the Gamecube the first Nintendo system to support component and D-Terminal cables?