LED on Megadrive 2

Started by DarkGlider, February 02, 2004, 06:39:44 PM

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I am planning to replace the small red LED on my Australian (PAL) Megadrive 2 with a brighter blue LED. I wanted to know if using a brighter LED would screw up my system. Would it have to be the same specs as the red LED or can it be any LED?


In most cases you can simply do a swap.  LEDs that aren't compatible are fairly rare, so the odds of you accidently getting one are pretty slim.



Just wanted to make sure; even if the voltage is not the same it will still work?


Almost all LEDs you're likely to come across are 3v, you'd have to special order 1.8 or 5v (or other, stranger) LEDs, they're really not that common at all.  If you're pulling it out of another device check the existing voltage on both units, see if it matches.


You might already know this but

If you pull it from another divice make sure that the positive and negitive leads right of it won't work

neg is the flat side of led


Yeah, the LED won't work if you hook it up backwards.  That's part of the definition of DIODE (light emitting diode=LED).  But the main thing is that it won't hurt anything either.  So just hook it up.  If it doesn't work, reverse it.  You're right though, flat is negative.  I usually just guess and check, myself, though.