Can you buy crimp style Scart connectors from US supplier?

Started by Anthony1, August 07, 2009, 02:12:43 PM

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Awhile back I got a euro scart cable, and rewired it so that it would work with my XRGB2+ unit.  I rewired the male connector to the JPN pinout, and then have a female connector on the other end that I can plug any euro scart rgb cable into. Everything is working great, but I'd like to make some more cables like this for some various purposes, and instead of having to solder all the wires again, I'd rather try the crimp method. Problem is, I don't know of any US supplier that sales those kinds of connectors. I'm sure I could find some online company in the UK that sells them, but shipping it over the US would pretty much kill any value in that. Anybody know of any USA electronics company that would have euro scart type connectors with the crimp style pins, so I don't need to solder them again?


Anybody order supplies from an online dealer to help build your cables? Who did you use?