Genesis 1 32X Cable Pinouts???, Does anyone have o

Started by CJPC, February 21, 2004, 12:03:20 PM

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Ive searched all over, and cant find the cable to buy, and was wondering if anyone had the PINOUTS for the Genesis 1 32x cable?

Thanks again!

(sry bout the double post, wasnt sure which forum to put it in!)


Why are you reading this?


I was there, it described how to do it for a RGB connection, but im honestly too cheap to break down and buy a tv like that! I also cant find an 8 pin connector like that for the genesis, only a 5 pin din (which is what the connector is apparently, according to pic's on the net!)



yer not looking for the RGB mods, you want the pinouts. if you're good with Ye Olde Soldering irone, try putting in a custom connector.
Why are you reading this?


The genesis1 <-> 32X cable is a straight-through cable.  Red to red, blue to blue, etc.  Connect the dots.

The pinouts for all Genesis hardware is here:


Ok, so its straight through?

Well, i mean, like do i need to use all 8 pins on the genesis, or can i use like a 5 pin DIN connector??

like in this picture (thx to the 32x repair guide!)


Sonic CulT is not the place to look for that, it's not even remotely having anything to do with that. and that guide is just how to repair. If you're that desperate for a 32X>Genesis AV cable, just get a cheap one off of ebay if you're not sure.

but you've got a good point there, if you go with the 5-pin DIN, you'll be missing red blue and sync... if the system only needs composite vidoe and audio, you'll be OK
Why are you reading this?


Yeah, i just went there for a picture!

Umm, i managed to find (3) 8 PIN Din's that oddly enough fit (with a little manipulating) into the back of the genesis!

so im gonna do it wire for wire, according to the pinouts, and HOPE that it works!


Well, i managed to get it going,took alot of trying what was what, but it works 100% now!

Thx guys, maybe i should make a pinout, as the one on the site dont quite work for the 32x AUX cable!

Thanks again


Hi guys... 1st post!

So, i've searched the forum, and pretty much found the answers to all my questions (i think), but just to confirm...

So I bought a cheap 32x without any cables. I got a mega drive (pal) model 1. For the cable that links the two consoles I have a few questions:

I can buy one, but it's like 12€ or somethin, so if I can, i prefer to make one myself. First, from what I read, seems like it is simple, just connect the dots between the pinouts... But what about the audio part? I read in another topic something about it, but didn't understand well. The cable that comes off the genesis only carries mono. ( How can I get stereo from the 32x? So, it's the genesis that outputs the sound, or the 32x? If I connect an AV cable from the 32x do I get mono or stereo? Does the genesis front stereo output gives the same audio as the 32x? I've never had contact with soldering cables or anything, but my brother is an electrotecnic engineer, and I'm studying to be one, so I guess with his help I can make it.

One more thing, with the 32x attached, I really need to get the video out from the 32x, or just for the 32x games?

Thanks in advance!