Broke mt Nomad.... :( :(

Started by Segasonicfan, January 22, 2004, 01:47:49 AM

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hey guys---free tip of advice, NEVER hook up a 9v battery to a Nomad, lol.  I figured since the battery charged the Nomads light that it would charge the system as well, but instead it fried something.  I wish I could fiund out what it i have another broken nomad I could use the parts from. as it  is, im trying to get ANOTHER broken nomad (lol) that has a broken LCD but powers up....that way i can at least switch the screens.  awwww...crap i modded my nomad to play all PAL/JP games too... :( :(:(

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Look for a fuse. If the thing isn't powering up at all, it means you probablly just burnt out a fuse somewhere. I've done that to my SNES, twice! It might be a little resistor looking thing called a Picafuse, and should have its amp rating on it. I'd bet your system is fine, just the power is blocked by the severed lead. Happy hunting.


fuse is most likely, another kind aside from the picafuse is a surface mount fuse, little black rectangles soldered to the board, no leads coming out, just pads underneath


ah...thanks so much for the help guys.  actually it's definitely not a fuse beccause there aren't any in the Nomad...does anyone have a picture or color description of what I should be looking for?  I think I know what you mean about the rectangle thins...argg I wish I knew exactly what blew, I really would love to fix it that huge black cilinder thing by the AC?  or the big yellow thing by the AC?  lol i have no idea I'm totally lost just looking for big parts that would be connected to the power.....

Also, I blew 2 Game Gears and my CDX this weekend.  ARG.  talk about bad luck.  I switched the polarity trying to hook up a rechargeabkle 7.2v battery (made for game gear), but it shorted/blew something.  the game gears power PCB is really small though so it should be easier to find the problem.  As for the CDX, one of the pins broke that connects to the 2nd motherboard but i dont think that would completely kill the not sure how it blew cause i was only using an AC adapter.  If anyone can help me out...well....Id love you forever!! ;)


PS, I ordered another broken CDX (that powers) and a broken nomad that powers.  with any luck, I can give life to one of them...again, no fuses on the game gear, CDX, or nomad :(
I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


I once connected polarity of power up to my snes wrong for a short period of time.  From that day forward it only played in black and white.

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well i just checked half the parts in my game gear board (switching them with the working GG I have) and I really cant find whats broken.  I'm sure it's the same thing in the Nomad, GG, and CDX Ive broken but I dont know what it is :(  I tried swapping all the "big parts" in the broken GG power PCB, but they all seem to be working fine.  Which means its some TINY thing....and I have no idea what :(

I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


I don't know how old you are, or if you plan on learning more about electronics later, but if I were you, I would consider shelving all these things and hoping you learn more to be able to fix it later (like a few years).  I've fixed a number of things that I had shelved years ago.  Or, just sell them as scrap and buy new ones.  Game Gears aren't worth anything, though...  

By the way, I hooked up my Genesis 1 backwards polarity for about a minute, didn't hurt it at all.  It must have a diode or something.  But on battery powered devices, you can't expect any kind of protection on the battery inputs.  They can't afford to lose the power with such things.