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Crystal Clear Audio Mod for Sega Mega Drive 2 & Genesis 2, version 1.0

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Tiido Priimägi:

So finally, the mod reached version 1.0 state.

It does all what previous versions did, but at much louder volume and long cables will not have negative effect on high freqs anymore :D
Output is about as loud as MCD RCA outs, and I'm more than sure its sufficient enough :)

Only drawback is added complexity, you have many more components now (about 50 or so).

Anyway, if anyone feels like doing one, and runs into issues, be sure to contact me :)

I've re-worked Tiido's fantastic little diagram into a proper schematic:

You can also download the schematic file for use with BSch3V Schematic creator:

Schematic File

Tiido Priimägi:
you have couple of capacitors wrong, the ones on opamp inputs are 0.022µF not 22µF, and 3 capacitors are not marked as elecrolythics (2 on output lines, 1 on Vref signal) ;)

EDIT: and the 2 caps on power input are having their labels switched around, 100µF for elecrolythic and 0.1µF for the other cap.

Thanks for that.  Updated both the image and the source file with corrected values. 

Did I miss anything else?  =D

Tiido Priimägi:
I can see some interection points that are missing like where the power input is, and I see ground touching the line that is supposed to be VCC, that can be quite confusing :P


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