Video and color problems with early Sega consoles?

Started by sheath, June 07, 2009, 12:37:44 AM

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Okay, I've had this happen on two different cards now. Both my Avermedia UltraTV 1500 MCE and my new Hauppauge WinTV 500MCE PCI cards will not display or record the video output of the Genesis or Master System correctly. Both cards display the video in black and white, except for some weird color bursts here and there, and both cards have vertical bands about a pixel wide going all the way across the screen(see attached image). Since they both garble the image in the exact same way, a suspect that this has something to do with the output style of Sega's early systems.

The catch is, I've had two Ati All in Wonder cards that worked perfectly with all of my systems (aside from game breaking lag that is). On the Ultra TV and WinTV cards, if I attach a Composite to S-video converter to the Genesis video cable the video displays correctly, except for heavy dithering showing up in all solid color objects. I've noticed that the same converter hardly adds any noticeable dithering to DUO or SNES video.  3DO, NES, SNES and Turbo DUO Composite outs show up fine in both cards.

I'm sure there is a reason why only these two Sega systems have this problem with two notable video capture cards. I have already tried using RF cables, and different Composite cables.  The problem has persisted across four computer systems with different brand video cards and motherboard chipsets, x86 and x64 versions of XP Pro.  The issue is specific to the video decoders in these two capture cards and Sega's video outputs for their early consoles.  The video quality is the same across Sega Master System, Genesis 1, Genesis 2, 32X, X'Eye and Nomad outputs. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  It is very important for my research that I be able to capture video from all consoles without modifying anything.

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