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Started by RARusk, May 10, 2006, 03:29:12 PM

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I just put the finishing touches on this page on the Wiki:


But I ran into some problems along the way.

First, there are a lot of pictures. But the picture files were a little too large because it would stop downloading the pictures after awhile if you are using a 56k modem like I do. So I resized the picture files. But when I uploaded the resized pictures I was hoping to overwrite the original pictures but it would not do so so I had to rename the picture files (adding a "NGC_" prefix). So now I have duplicates of these pictures and I would like to remove the original pictures to save space in the Mediafile section but there isn't an option to do so.

The second problem concerns the display of two of the pictures on the page. These pictures appear broken but you can click on them and the pictures will appear on their own page but the cable page won't display them. I checked the code but I can't understand why it won't show them. I'm scratching my head here.  :blink:

Anyway, I hope this page helps those who want to hack their GameCube Component Cables. Let me know if you have any problems or questions.  :)  
Console hacking is like sex. For best results you got to know where to poke.....


Thanks for the effort, RARusk.  I'll check into those pictures.

As for this mod...  I've done text and pictures for this mod at least twice, how come I never posted it?  Dumbass, me.


Excellent work on that Wiki page, RA. Good information for experts, detailed enough for the novices to follow along and learn from.

While you were inside the cable, did you learn anything about the chip? I remember once long ago, Lawrence was bemoaning the fact that the manufacturer of the D-to-A chip was keeping its specs and capabilities a big secret. Now that the cable isn't available commercially, I'm entertaining the foolish idea of attempting to build an equivalent. I appreciate it if you have anything to share, but we should probably take that to the RGB board if you do.

-KKC, purposefully ignoring most of the E3 news coming his way...


I didn't learn anything new about the chip otherwise I would have put it in the page.

However, this chip COULD solve a long standing RGB problem: the Nintendo 64. Most of the N64s on the market have a newer DAC chip that prevents you from obtaining the RGB off of the motherboard. If there is enough information on that chip then we could do a comparison with the information we have on the GameCube chip. If enough of the signals matches then I could try to tap into the signals off of the N64 motherboard and hook it up to the GameCube cable and see if I can get solid, and bright, RGB off of the newer N64s. Wouldn't hurt to try.
Console hacking is like sex. For best results you got to know where to poke.....


Well, that just gets my hopes up. If the encoder from the Gamecube cable will accept N64 digital input, then it's safe to say that the encoder from the older N64 units might accept Gamecube digital input. Time to dig up an N64 from the local pawn shop now...

-KKC, who notes that Lynx has better caching functions than IE and Firefox put together.


Any new developments on this topic in the last few years?