SNES NTSC-JAP with import adaptor compatibility

Started by simonbelmont2, June 19, 2009, 01:10:10 AM

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I want to buy a janese snes console but I don't want to mod the case to put NTSC-US games instead I want to use an import adaptor (PAL to NTSC; NTSC to PAL).
So, this combination it will work: NTSC to NTSC (SNES NTSC-JAP with import adaptor and NTSC-US games)?


Im not entirely sure what your asking, but you can play both USA and JPN games on a US SNES or JPN SFC - the only lockout is the shape of the cartridges and consoles cartridge slot, which it sounds like you want to get around by using an 'import adaptor' rather than modding the console case. If the import adaptor is simply extending the cartridge port (Only has one top slot) then it will work fine for USA and JPN games  :)

However, PAL games are a totally separate matter. To play PAL games on a US SNES/JPN SFC you either need to disable the consoles lockout chip, or use a different type of  import adaptor which allows you to put an NTSC games in the back and the PAL game on the top, so that the security chip in the console 'thinks' it talking to an NTSC game not a PAL one.


So, if I use the import adaptor (bottom have the shape of SNES NTSC-JAP/PAL games at the top have the shape of NTSC-US games) with the US games on the SNES NTSC-JAP will work correctly or I will have problems with the speed; glitches or other problems?
For the PAL games I have a PAL console  ;D.


Ok, if you have a PAL consoles for PAL games we can forget about them  ;)

The US SNES and JPN SFC use almost identical motherboards and have exactly the same lockout chips - the only differences are the console casing and cartridge casing, and the different shape of the power connector. This is why you can cut away the cartridge slot on a JPN SFC to make all US SNES games work.

That adaptor looks like it should work fine with a SFC - the actual cartridge connectors are always the same for all SNES/SFC (Unlike the NES/Famicom) Its just the cartridge slot/shape that is different. With that in mind all the import adaptor has to do is 'extend' the cartridge port to above the slot so that the games can fit - it doesnt do anything else. Just like how a controller extension cable just extends the wire, that adaptor just extends the distance between the consoles cartridge port so as to avoid the narrower cart slot on a SFC.

The hertz is the same for both a US SNES and SFC (60Hz). Only the PAL SNES has a different hertz (50Hz).

In other words, you wont have any problems with speed/glitches as long as you are using NTSC SNES games on NTSC SNES consoles, and PAL SNES games on PAL SNES consoles  :)