Saturn Country Codes table update

Started by CC_Devil, April 18, 2009, 08:33:14 PM

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I've just updated the country codes table on the wiki ( since I found some discrepancy between the jumpers table and the voltages table.
Namely, the first column of the voltages table was completely inverted.
Can anybody check my logic and confirm it's ok?

I'm selfishly interested to know that I can indeed connect the common points for JP6/7 and JP10/11 together on the pole of a SPDT switch, with +5V and GND on the two sides of it, to make a US/JAP switch on my JAP system.

I've also noticed that Europe PAL and Mid+S. America PAL have the same jumper settings: JP7/9/10/12. I'm guessing one of them is wrong. Can anybody correct this?



ok, I've now noticed some issues in the jumper table too:
- Japan should be 6/9/11/13, NOT 7/9/11/13 (I've checked on my own board).
- North America should be 7/9/10/13, NOT 6/9/10/13 (this is confirmed by the statement in the article above: "on an American Saturn the jumpers currently set are 10 and 7. To change it to Japanese mode, you must open these jumpers and close jumpers 11 and 6").

So, could it be that the Jumper table was the one with the inverted column and the voltage table was fine before I edited it?

Please confirm.


I've been able to complete the mod with two SPDT switches (I didn't have a DPDT handy...) and can confirm after testing that:
- JAP = JP6 (+5V) / JP9 / JP11 (GND) / JP13
-  US = JP7 (GND) / JP9 / JP10 (+5V) / JP13

I haven't updated the JP table since I'd like Lawrence to take a look at it first.


I haven't got any Saturns unboxed at the moment, so I dunno when I'll get around to opening one up to verify my work...  Since you're the first person to say it's wrong in, oh, five years, I have a feeling you probably weren't correct with your changes.  ;)

That said, I'm not anywhere near infallible, so...  Who knows?


Thanks for the reply, Lawrence.

For what it's worth, I found a few FAQs that corroborate my findings on JP6/7.
Also, the pictures on the wiki all show JP6 closed. I'm assuming you used japanese systems for them, not US ones?

Did you try all the combinations yourself or did you have some source material we could go back to (Japanese magazine or web sites)?

I've got a small case of OCD, you see  ;)


I have to agree with CC_Devil. Certainly on my PAL Saturn the following is true:

Region JP6/JP7 JP8/JP9 JP10/JP11 JP12/JP13
========== ======= ======= ========= =========
Japan +5v  GND GND   GND
North America GND GND +5v   GND

This is how I wired a 2 switch, 3 region setup for my Saturn: Post on Xbox-Scene of all places
Note that the following combination is used for UK/PAL and is confirmed by me to work:

Region JP6/JP7 JP8/JP9 JP10/JP11 JP12/JP13
========== ======= ======= ========= =========
PAL  GND GND +5v   +5v

This is listed in the table as "Mid + S America PAL" so it is possible that these two regions are interchangeable. Also note that the entry for "Europe Etc" also definitely provides a functional PAL region (as you would expect) as this was how PAL was wired into my switch up until today when I fixed/changed it. So it is more than likely that only the Japan/America settings are wrong.

As a final note it is logically impossible for a double DPDT switch solution to be created using Japan, America and "Europe Etc" which must be why the solution above was devised/discovered. Obviously a triple SPDT set of switches would work fine.