Genesis 1 mod or special cable audio mixing ?

Started by arfgh, March 28, 2010, 02:31:38 AM

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A quote from other web...

QuoteFor the Model 2, however, the expansion conntector can send audio directly to the CD, thus no mixing required, or stereo AV cable. (hell, that also solves the problem with RGB=>component adaptors without modding the transcoder box to output audio)

If this is true, the SegaCD has capabilities to obtain stereo audio from the Genesis 2, but not from the Genesis 1 expansion port.  Anyways if this is true, is it bi-directional ? The Genesis 2 send audio and obtain audio from the SegaCD, or only send the audio ? ... or the use of the SegaCD RCA is a requirement also with the Genesis 2 to get all the audio from both machines ?

In the Genesis 1 the non-amplified,  separate audio signals can be found on pins 1 and 8 of the CXA1034. I connected this pins to a special cable that i am making that is RGB, and the audio works fine, a little low, but stereo. see the fact that the Genesis 1 mods that get audio stereo from the headphone connection obtain distortion because the volume slider.  <-- schematics for the CXA1034 details.

- Solution 1 ?
Is it possible that we can send the stereo audio to the SegaCD port as the Genesis 2 do ?
Maybe some mod to do it ? If exists a way we don't need the use of the mixing cable.

- Solution 2 ?
Other solution could be to mix both audios (Genesis and SegaCD) in the RGB Scart cable with two male RCA connected to the SegaCD audio outs. Both stereo audios, Genesis and SegaCD, are connected to the same Scart RGB cable internal audio pins.
Will this works ? will works better, the same, or best than the use of the mixing cable ?

Thx in advance


Honestly, the way the original Genesis/Mega Drive (I'll be saying MD from now on) was made, is the best way as you have a option of not mixing the noisy sound from the MD console itself to the MEGA-CD unit. Perfect for playing audio CDs. The audio  output of the MEGA-CD 1 (rear panel) is one of the best I've ever seen. Also the KSS-240 laser (which is a 3-beam laser pickup with built in analogic RF amplifier, quite expensive laser unit) has a excellent capability of reducing skips when correctly aligned.

The version 2 use the cheaper KSS-210 which is single beam and requires an external analog IC, the CXA-1081 for laser detection.

Anyway, back on topic, all you need to obtain the MD audio on the RCA outputs of the MD-CD is the mixing cable which comes bundled with the MD-CD/SEGA-CD kit.

If you no longer have it or got the system used and it never came, you can simply order any straight stereo audio cable with 2 P2(p2 is the connector name) connectors.