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Flash carts

Started by zedrein, April 19, 2009, 07:38:51 AM

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Will the video heads here (reference from Fred Savage's masterpiece The Wizard) explain to me how console flash carts like RetroUSB's NES PowerPak or ToToTek's SNES flash cart can load ROM images and make them look identical to the original cartridge? The reason I ask this is because these 3rd party carts obviously do not use (in this example) Nintendo brand co-processors for the SNES or mappers for the NES. Wouldn't the games that take advantage of those extra chips be processed a little differently and therefore look different than if Nintendo brand parts were being used?

Thanks for your time.



Please allow 24 hours for a response before you start complaining. Also, flash carts are a little bit outside of the GamesX statement of purpose, as they're not generally part of user-created mods. The Assembler forums might be a better place to ask, as they have subforums dedicated to collecting of this type of hardware.