XRGB2+ and LCD Panels

Started by jimmy, September 16, 2003, 10:16:25 AM

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Does anyone know of any tft/lcd panels which work with the XRGB2+? My AOC LM520A gives me 'Out of Sync' :(

Or perhaps there aren't any that work? (i hope not)


I find it very strange that your monitor doesn't like the XRGB2+.  Have you tried the other resolutions that the 2+ can produce?  None of the resolutions or pixel rates are unusual in the slightest, they're standard VGA.  There's no reason in the world it shouldn't work.  =/


the monitor doesn't like 1024*768 from the XRGB2+ either. I've tried another panel (an LG one) and had exactly the same problem :\

All the CRTs i've tried work without a hitch.

Update: I think i've figured the problem out. I'm a PAL user (50Hz) and my panel only supports 55/75Hz vertical refresh. I don't have any PAL60 games to test though :( Do panels supporting 50Hz exist?