Fixing / replacing Nintendo controller rubber pads

Started by Shadow_Zero, December 30, 2020, 10:23:22 AM

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So I have some SNES controllers (and probably some NES controllers as well) that have either a d-pad and/or start+select not working properly anymore, likely caused by the rubber pads being worn.

I have been searching around what my options are. Retrorgb has a nice guide:
although someone already told me cleaning the black carbon parts with alcohol is not a good idea. Which one is right?
I also tried using a pen to add some carbon, but that didn't make a difference (they're probably more worn on the other side).

Nex to to that I've been searching around for those repair kits, though I find them quite pricey (relatively), and read various negative reviews, doubting it will be a good (long term) solution. Often those kits have all the pads, while I only need the d-pad and start/select.

Console5 is a name that I saw suggested a few times (including in the Retrorgb guide):

In that regard I have an extra challenge, because my main SNES controller is a Honey Bee, and they use different rubber pads. Although it looks like the one used in NES, gameboy and N64 (not sure if they're the exact size, but it looks like that). Some pics:

I also read a tip about using Hole Reinformers/Reinforcement Labels, but still need to look into that:

Would love to hear your tips and experiences!