Atari Jaguar Rapid Fire mod

Started by Eddyiori, February 05, 2009, 11:31:48 AM

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Well guys I found a shematic via Google using a lm555 and give it a try. Got it working but, the thing fire both buttons. I wanted it for Raiden  and it shoots and also use the bombs til they are all gone. Dunno why it is shooting both... Any help would be great.


Have you maybe got this thing wired backwards to the pad? Like instead of it being on the data/clock line for that button, it's on the ground/common that the other buttons also use?


Guess m,aybe that's it... here's the pad schematic.



The pad is wired in a matrix configuration. You'll need a to use a something kind of switch to close the contacts like the button does. The CMOS 4066 is ideal for this kind of thing, just drive it with the output of the 555 timer. If you use one of these make sure you connect all unused inputs to the supply rail or ground.

I built a rapid fire circuit like this but used a couple of opamps as the oscillator.