Master System Power Base Converter Compatibility

Started by CC_Devil, December 23, 2008, 04:38:56 AM

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I was wondering if anybody knew of compatibility restrictions concerning the Master System Power Base Converter (PBC)?

I'm trying the following configuration:
- Euro MegaDrive, switched to 60Hz (using JP3/4)
- US SMS Games

All games crash after a few seconds of play using either PBCs.

I suspect the switch on the Euro MD to be the cause of this, but I don't have a Genesis 1 to prove my theory (only Gen 2s).
I could be that the current switch only makes the 68000 run at 60Hz and the Z80 (which runs the SMS part) stays at 50Hz and causes the crash.

The funny thing is that all games work using the Tototek converter, but they seem to output in 50Hz. Maybe the TTK converter doesn't have the clock line wired and leaves it up to the MD?

Let me know what you think.


Tiido Priim├Ągi

The 50/60Hz switch only affects the VDP...

My MD2 is having very weird problem regarding PBC too, it only works when MCD is attached, if its not there, it may work, but usually won't work.
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