Genesis 3 S Video/Composite Audio Mod Help

Started by bogard85, November 02, 2010, 02:51:10 PM

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I was looking over the guide over at

it seems pretty easy but i have a few questions....

1.) the mod shows a resistor coming from the chip going to the positive lead on a 22ouf capacitor.  what do i do with the negative lead from the capacitors? obviously i do this 2 times one for each pin but i dont understand what i have to do with the negative lead from the cap?

2.) how would i get composite sound out of the genesis 3. The svideo mod will only give me picture so what do i do about audio?

Thanks in advance guys for your help. Im new here so i hope you still help me out....


On the negative leads of the 2 capacitators you got your s-video signal (Y & C). You could install a s-video socket on the back of you Genesis 3 and connect the appropriate pins to the capacitators.

For sound you could use the standard AV cable.